• Sqlite3 Gem Installation with self Compiled Binaries

    The hardest problem to solve by using a new version of Ruby for Rails on Windows had always been the absence of precompiled binaries for the sqlite3 gem. Since there exist many solutions which did not work out on my environments, I present the working solution which I successfully applied.


  • Useful Tools for Writing a Thesis with LaTeX

    This post presents and highlights useful and probably important tools for writing a thesis with LaTeX. The tools are categorized in the following to allow the simple finding of appropriate tools for your thesis. In general, the posts explains only existing methods from other authors so that I also reference my sources.


  • Comparison of SmartGit and SourceTree (UPDATE 29.01.2016)

    This blog post approaches the comparison of the git gui tools SmartGit 7.0.3 and SourceTree on Windows. I mostly use the command line for simple stuff, but I prefer gui tools for file merging and the faster separation of commits through git add -p. The comparison of both tools is divided into different categories to better highlight each’s advantages and disadvantages and represented in the following table.


  • Crazy mysql2 gem Error

    I run at least the second time into the same crazy mysql2 gem error with Ruby on Windows but I couldn’t find any solution with Google. So I came up with a revolutionary solution presented in the following.


  • New Version of MarkAverageComputer Published

    In addition to the development on the simple_controller gem, I published version v2.2 of my mark average computer. It supports now the CTRL+S shortcut for saving and visualizes the mark average development during your studies. Further, I simplified and improved the code to allow an easier maintaining.


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