• New Version of MarkAverageComputer Published

    In addition to the development on the simple_controller gem, I published version v2.2 of my mark average computer. It supports now the CTRL+S shortcut for saving and visualizes the mark average development during your studies. Further, I simplified and improved the code to allow an easier maintaining.


  • New Version of SimpleController Published

    Today, I was able to publish version 0.1.0 of my simple_controller gem. It supports now module names in the controllers and includes fixes for the path redirecting problem. Additionally, I resolved the problem with the code coverage and therefore Code Climate confirms now a great coverage of 96%.


  • Git Windows Path Problem

    Not the first time I ran in the problem that the .ssh folder in Windows changed from the .ssh of the specific user folder to the folder of the Git installation. Now I tried to investigate what actually causes the problem.


  • Automated Post File Generation

    All the time, I was really annoyed about the blog post creation in Jekyll when I needed to create a new file and then to rename it to day-title.markdown. Today, I just searched for a better solution and found this great approach which I slightly adapted to my needs.


  • Exchange Calendar in Thunderbird

    When I was searching for a long time to find a good solution to integrate my Microsoft Exchange calendar to Thunderbird, I found this solution. Although Microsoft hasn’t implemented a solution themself, these guys did this job and provide a great solution. It allows you to read and write(!) appointments into your calendar.


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